Royal Conservatory - Technical Videos

Dr. Hawk is a certified Royal Conservatory of Music teacher, whose students have consistently received high marks on their examinations. The following instructional video series are the Technical requirements for the Royal Conservatory Practical Examinations (2015 Edition). These videos are intended for educational purposes only, to provide additional guidance for her own students and other students/teachers worldwide. *Videos will be posted as they are completed.

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Preparatory Level A

Posted 1/7/17

Level 1

Posted 1/15/17

Level 3

Posted 1/29/17

Level 5

Posted 2/17/17

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Preparatory Level B

Posted 1/7/17

Level 2

Posted 1/20/17

Level 4

Posted 2/3/17

Level 6

Posted 2/3/18

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